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The Personal Touch


If you're looking for a special corsage or a custom made fascinator, or maybe even a bespoke hat then we can make these for you. 

Here at Cherrytreefashions, we can create pin on corsages which tie in with your general wedding theme and match your wedding flowers, whilst at the same time matching your mum's outfit.

Just let us know what colours wedding theme and we'll do the rest, ensuring that they're perfectly coordinated.

Just browse our website www.cherrytreefashions.co.uk and look for a corsage that you like the style of.  Whether it be a wrist corsage or a nice corsage for a lapel, we'll be able to fine-tune the design so it matches any outfit and ties in with your flowers, perfectly.

If you're looking for a fascinator then we can create something that's the exact same colour as your mum's outift.

We can colour match our hats and fascinators, perfectly, to absolutely any shade of any colour.

If you have a particular style in mind and you can't find anything similar on our website then please send us a picture. We can replicate corsages and fascinators from photos and we can create custom made hats and custom made fascinators.

We are proud to be able to provide that 'Personal Touch' in being able to offer a millinery fashion range of beautiful Fascinators Hats and Hat Fascinators (Hatinators) and Silk Flower Creations, Stunning Hair Accessories, Fascinators, Fascinators by Colour and Jewellery Ideas from our Altier (Studio) in Workington, Cumbria, we are also able to commission Hats and Fascinators on-line.  Call 01900 63500

Cherry Tree Fashions is situated close to the beautifully picturesque Cumbria Lake District on the North West coast of England overlooking the dramatic scenery of the Irish Sea and the many beautiful sunsets which make this part of the United Kingdom unique.

Although Cherry Tree Fashions Ltd was only established in 2011, we have steadily gained a reputation as providers of wonderfully crafted millinery hats, hatinators, fascinators and flower creations. The Award Winning Company has built on their creative talents and continually strive to create new and fashionable designs using materials both traditional and inventive.

Our bridal ranges continue to grow providing beautiful crystal and silk flower hair accessories together with many fashionable, stylish, classical and modern jewellery ranges.

Our mission is to create and source fashions which are different, unique and special in every way.



If you have a tip that you think is helpful or wish to ask a question about the use of candles then please email us on: sales@cherrytreefashions.com


  1. Never leave children or animals alone in a room with candles that are lit or still hot. Liquid candle wax can inflict serious burns. Keep burning candles out of reach of children.
  2. Never leave burning candles unattended.
  3. Preferably extinguish candles with a snuffer.
  4. Never blow a candle out with a hard 'puff' as this is likely to blow hot wax over the surface beneath. Make sure that no one is near the candle if you choose to blow to extinguish. Always blow gently.
  5. Always read and follow the instructions and remove packaging and decorations before lighting.
  6. Keep candles that are lit well apart - we suggest 10cms - and make sure that they are supported and remain upright.
  7. Keep candles away from sunlight or other sources of heat.
  8. Keep candles out of draughts when they are lit.
  9. Trim the wicks to about 1cm before re-lighting, this should avoid smoking and irregular burning.
  10. Outdoor candles are meant to be burned in the open air. Do not light them indoors.
  11. Keep pets and children well away from burning candles.
  12. Always place candles on something that is suitable to protect surfaces while supporting the candles securely upright.
  13. Floating candles are designed to be burned in water filled bowls.
  14. Votive candles and tealights are designed in a special way. When lit the whole surface of the candle will turn liquid and after some time the whole candle can become liquid. These candles should always be placed in a stable container of the right size that will prevent liquid wax from being spilt.
  15. Do not try to move lit candles - they will be hot and may burn you. Except in an emergency do not extinguish one of these candles until the surface has turned liquid.
  16. Do not allow a naked flame to come into contact with the surface of a container.
  17. Never attempt to extinguish a candle with water.


  1. In case you get an overnight shower, cover outdoor candles after they have been extinguished to make sure that water doesn't get into the wick.
  2. When lighting candles where the wick is someway down inside the candle use a Lighting Taper.
  3. Our Lighting Tapers are much better for lighting candles and BBQ's than traditional matches. They are more resistant to being extinguished in draughts, you won't burn your fingers and you won't find bits of match in your candles making them unsightly and in danger of 'flaring'. BE SAFE - ALWAYS USE A LIGHTING TAPER TO LIGHT UP.
  4. If you spill wax on soft furnishings or carpets you may be successful in removing it by placing absorbent brown or tissue paper over the spill and passing a warm iron over the paper which will absorb the wax. Keep placing a new section of paper over the spill until the wax has been removed. On cloth, put in the freezer and the wax should crumble off.
  5. If you spill candle wax onto a polished or other smooth surface we suggest you allow it to cool and solidify before attempting to lift it off using a wooden or plastic utensil.
  6. Most candles should be burned 3 hours at a time to avoid tunnelling of wax.  Allow the wax to liquefy and pool on top before you gently blow it out. 
  7. Removing wax from candle holders can be easy.  Simply put your holder (dependant on quality and size) in the freezer for 20 minutes and the wax should pop out as it contracts.  Alternatively pour on hot water to liquefy wax, this should allow easier, safer scraping.